CRT Scholarships

CRT offers full and partial scholarships to qualifying students for programs including Spring and Fall Sessions and Summer Camps. Regardless of the award amount, a non-refundable registration fee for classes and camps must be paid in full. (Full scholarship fee $45. per applicant.)

The following chart uses household size and income standards to determine eligibility. Please, check your eligibility before applying for a scholarship. If your circumstances do not match the criteria listed below, you may still be eligible. Indicate your extenuating circumstances on the application form to help us better determine your eligibility.

Household Size*Yearly IncomeMonthly Income

*Household size includes all people living at your residence as a family member (spouse, siblings, grandparents, etc.) or as a non-relative if that person lives in the household. You must include yourself and all children who live with you.

Scholarship awards do not carry over from session to session, a separate application is required for each session.  Only applications completed online will be considered. For your application to be complete, you must provide your most recent tax return or another document for proof of income. 

How to apply for Scholarships

  1. To find the best class or camp for your child, review the specific program information.
  2. Carefully read over the scholarship criteria and conditions above.
  3. Families receive notification approximately 10-15 business days after submitting their online application form.
  1. If a scholarship is awarded to your child, you will receive a letter of acceptance via email from our staff.
  2. Follow the directions on the letter of acceptance. The non-refundable registration fee and partial scholarship fees must be paid before the assigned deadline, or the scholarship will be reassigned.

1) You must fill out a scholarship application for EACH child you are wishing to enroll.
2) There are only a limited number of scholarships available. Submitting a scholarship application does NOT guarantee that a scholarship will be received.
3) Your application will NOT be complete and processed until financial information is received (attached below on this application or at a later date via email or mail).

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