CRT KIDS Silent Auction

CRT KIDS will be hosting a silent auction at our performances on April 22nd-25th. All proceeds go to supporting this important mission to support kids in the arts! We are immensely grateful to all of our donors and community giving to this event!

Below are the items that can be bid on at the show. All items will be displayed in the CFA lobby April 22nd – April 25th. Items can be bid on at the performances. Bids will be accepted through 5 PM April 25th. Winners will be contacted April 27th.

Please help us today and make a bid on one of these great donated items or feel free to make a donation directly to CRT KIDS at any of the shows or online HERE!


Lundberg Farms Bountiful Basket!
$200 Value; Starting Bid $50

This amazing basket is filled with wonderful tasting and LOCAL products, including Wild Blend Rice, Risotto, Thin Stackers and much more! This basket even includes a rice cooker to make all these amazing flavors!

Donated by Lundberg Farms

The Hair Works
$125 Value; Starting Bid $35

This exciting basket is filled with great products that make your hair shine! includes popular products from,
Sexy Hair, Bed Head, Biolauge, Color Wow and much more!

Donated by The Hair Works

Pool Party!
$240 Value; Starting Bid $60.

Summer is here and you will be ready with this amazing Pool Party Basket! Basket includes tons of pool floaties, toys, towels, and more!

Donated by Plaza Realtors Team

Paparazzi basket by Isabel
$65 Value; Starting Bid $20

This treasure trove of accents is perfect for making you sparkle with just the right look! Earrings, Bracelets and more make this basket well worth the price, not to mention making any event special!

Donated by Isabel

Signed Embellished Print by Shane Grammer
$200 Value; Starting Bid $50

This amazing painting signed by the artist is an original print just for this event! Displaying artistic beauty and grace with a message that rings true.

Donated by Shane Grammer

Signed Print Shane Grammer
$100 Value; Starting Bid $25

This beautiful 11×14 print of the painting by Shane Grammer on the remains of a home of the legendary Camp Fire in Paradise California, stands as a reminder of hope from ashes and the resilience of the Paradise community.

Donated by Shane Grammer

“Flourish” Tricia Kibler
$800 Value; Starting bid $200

A piece from her Flora & Fauna series, local artist from Cottonwood Tricia Kibler displays the beauty of nature in this incredible 30×40 feature painting.

Donated by Tricia Kibler

“Loosening The Ties” Tricia Kibler
$220 Value; Starting Bid $55

Once again Tricia Kibler, local Cottonwood artist, brings nature to life with this beautiful 14×18 painting called “Loosening The Ties”

Donated by Tricia Kibler

“Bubbly Rainbow Fish” Tricia Kibler
$160 Value; Starting Bid $40

Land or sea, beauty abounds through art with this painting by local Cottonwood Artist Tricia Kibler. This 11×14 piece is a must have for any nature lover!

Donated by Tricia Kibler

I Thank God For This Amazing Family
$330 Value; Starting Bid $80

This incredible framed word art piece with swarovski crystals, is an amazing accent to any home. Measuring 20X24, this is an excellent feature piece declaring love and unity.

Donated by Finds Design and Decor

Hand Made Peter Pan & Tinker Bell Yarn Dolls by Nalani
$80 Value; Starting Bid $30

These amazing and intricate keep sakes were hand crafted by local artist Nalani Geary known across the the North state for her detailed work and creativity.

Donated by Nalani Geary

$60 Value Starting Bid $25

2-in-1 Cleaning Tool with Built-In Vacuum VaBroom is designed and engineered to make cleaning fun and easy. The powerful built-in vacuum sucks up your common household dirt and debris — all without a dustpan!

Donated by Bidwell Insurance Agency

Tiger Eye Jewelry Set by Nicole Isaacs
$40 Value; Starting Bid $15

This stylish set is perfect for for anyone needing that extra splash of class

Opalite by Nicole Issacs
$15 Value; Starting Bid $10

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