Our Response To Covid-19

The Curtain Will Rise Again

The Curtain will Rise Again…

It’s hard.
Our world…and our lives…have been upended by something over which we have no control. We were thrust, nearly overnight, into circumstances that have forced us to change and adapt and rethink nearly all aspects of our daily life.
Homes have become schools, workplaces and recreation centers. Pandemonium and peace have learned to co-exist. Connections to others, be it extended family, friends and colleagues, now take extra effort. Old habits give way to new methods. Our lens for life is morphing daily.
This has certainly been the case for our team here at CRT. Performances were abruptly canceled. Education programs closed or retooled. We could no longer conduct activities that are fundamental to what theatre is designed to do: Bring people together to form a community. To experience storytelling. To find joy. To feel empathy. To be inspired to be kind.
As we begin to see signs of slowly re-opening, we sanitize our facility, follow guidelines, and prepare to greet our friends and families again, our goal is very clear. The long-term sustainability of our theatre, our art community and the care of our families and incredible team has been and will remain our focus.

It’s a time for hope and healing.
We are more resilient than we could have imagined. We do our best to deal with the present and turn our sights to what the future may hold.
So as the world opens, the curtain will rise again at CRT & CRT KIDS. We await this time with great anticipation because it is through the power of theatre that we feed our collective need to imagine, create and serve. 

How can you help?
Keep believing that theatre for audiences adds a vital dimension to their lives.Make plans to join us as soon as we are able to resume programming. Bring friends along to share a performance or introduce them to a theatre education experience.We cannot express enough our gratitude for the many families and patrons who have come to our aid in support during this challenging season, financially and with a spirit of hope and encouragement.
Our organization has been financially pummeled with substantial revenue losses which will continue to take its toll in the months ahead. If your circumstances permit, please make a gift today to bring your Theatre back.  Each and every financial investment paves the pathway for us to be together again. We can’t wait!

Our deepest thanks, and thoughts for health and safety are with you all.
Bob Maness
Executive Director

Mindy Foutz
Children’s Education Director

California Regional Theatre

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